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Dr Clare Pettinger

Dr Clare Pettinger is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and experienced educator. Dr Pettinger is actively engaged in community research around food, poverty and social justice, currently leading the 'Food as a Lifestyle Motivator' (FLM) project, which explores creative methods to engage 'marginalised' communities in food activities to enhance their health, well-being and life skills.
In 2016, Dr Pettinger led a a comprehensive process evaluation of the Cities of Service 'Grow, Share, Cook' project in Plymouth. She also recently completed a research fellowship to evaluate the initial stages of the Thrive Plymouth (4-4-54) 10 year inequalities programme, which led to my winning the CAHPR Public Health Research award (June 2017). Dr Pettinger was previously on the research team for an exploratory and developmental trial of a family centred nutrition intervention delivered in Children's centres and the home environment (UCL/UoP collaboration). Passionate about Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition, Dr Pettinger frequently acts as an advocate for my professions by exchanging knowledge with students and offering expert consultancy on sustainable healthy eating and food related issues to the media and local/regional networks.
Dr Pamela Mason is a public health nutritionist, gaining an MSc and PhD in nutrition from King’s College London in 1989 after which she worked in training healthcare professionals in nutrition. She also has an MSc in Food Policy. Having begun her professional life as a community pharmacist, she also worked in pharmacy journalism writing articles, open learning materials, and conference reports from around the world. Dr Mason has also worked in public relations for the food industry. Dr Mason works with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) on their sustainable diet policy ‘One Blue Dot’ and is on the advisory panel for Public Health Wales.

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