The platform that provides you with the tools to develop your nutritional science knowledge, enhance your professional skills and power up your career.

The Academy is brought to you by The Nutrition Society, one of the largest learned societies for nutrition science globally. Highly regarded by the scientific community, the Society is dedicated to its mission of advancing the study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health. The Nutrition Society Academy adheres to The Nutrition Society policies.

Through webinars and course subscriptions, the Academy provides you with the latest research. The evidence-based nutrition science and professional skills programmes are delivered by world leading experts. The Academy’s content is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition and other relevant bodies in the field, enabling you to build and maintain a credible continued professional development (CPD) portfolio.

The Academy has something for everyone. From the latest in scientific research to professional and science skills. The platform is suitable for all nutritional scientists, at all career stages.

By joining the Nutrition Society Academy, you are joining a community of nutrition professionals. Powering up your career is our focus. Subscribing to the Academy makes it easy for you to engage and commit to your CPD in a cost-effective way. New content is added monthly, meaning you will always have the opportunity to develop your professional skills and scientific knowledge, transferring directly into your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy is suitable for everyone in the field of nutrition, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics, freelance, clinical, healthcare professionals, performance sport, veterinary, and industry-based nutritionists. Irrespective of career stage or area of work, the Academy will power up your career.

  • The Academy is brought to you by The Nutrition Society, one of the largest learned societies for nutrition globally, highly regarded in the profession for its dissemination of research-evidenced based science.
  • All webinars and courses you enrol onto will provide you with the latest in research and evidence-based science, delivered by world leading experts.
  • The Academy’s content is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition and other relevant bodies in the field, so you build a credible CPD portfolio.

You can subscribe to the Academy platform from as little as £2 per month, giving you unlimited access to a wide range of webinars and courses. Choose an annual subscription to receive 12 months for the price of 10. Please see the Membership Levels page for more details.

Absolutely! All webinars can be purchased individually, but subscriptions offer the best value for money giving you access to the full catalogue at any time.

By subscribing to the Academy, you will benefit from a cost-effective way to build and maintain your CPD portfolio. The option of a monthly subscription gives you unlimited and repeated access to webinars and courses compared to single webinar or course purchase. 

Yes, you will receive an email straight away. Please do check your spam folders and whitelist emails from

There is no limit to the number of webinars you can view per month. You can also re-watch a webinar at any time.  

A minimum of one new webinar or course will be added to the Academy each month, ensuring there is always something new to develop your CPD.

Yes, after completing a webinar or course you will automatically receive a certificate of attendance from the Academy via email. Subscribers can access their certificate history from their dashboard. Add your certificate to your CPD portfolio and share it directly to your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating your skills to employers and colleagues.

The Academy’s webinars and courses are individually endorsed by the Association for Nutrition and various other relevant bodies in the field, building you a credible CPD portfolio. CPD is not awarded on a points scheme meaning the Academy’s webinars and courses can be submitted across any CPD portfolio scheme.

If you do choose to leave the Academy you can cancel your subscription any time, after an initial 90-day period. The platform does have a limited capacity at any one time, and you may not be able to re-subscribe immediately. To cancel your subscription, please log in to your account and select cancel from your profile.

The Academy is open to anybody with an interest in nutritional science, irrespective of whether you are a Nutrition Society member. Nutrition Society members receive a discount on both subscriptions and individual webinars. Join The Nutrition Society here.

If you are a student/graduate or early career member of The Nutrition Society, you are eligible for preferential rates to both subscriptions and single webinar purchasing.

Yes, the Academy’s platform was established to benefit nutrition professionals globally. You can even complete your CPD on the go. 

If you miss a live webinar do not worry, you will have the chance to view this again via the on-demand catalogue shortly after the live version.

The Nutrition Society Academy team are contactable Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00, excluding UK public holidays.


Telephone: +44 (0) 207 605 6568