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Dr Eva Lewis

Dr Eva Lewis is currently working as Head of Food Innovation with Humanativ, having previously served in the same role with Devenish. Humanativ is an innovation spin-off from the animal nutrition company Devenish. The focus of Humanativ is on bio-enrichment of meat, milk and eggs through animal nutrition; with a particular focus on omega 3 DHA enrichment; to create nutritionally superior food for consumers, whilst ensuring optimum animal health and welfare, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Eva previously worked with Teagasc, based at the Moorepark Research Centre. Her focus there was on dairy cow nutrition, with a particular focus on grass digestion, and subsequent effects on milk composition and the environment. Prior to that Eva worked as a Research Nutritionist with the animal nutrition company Provimi as part of their global research team in Brussels; and then as Purchasing and Technical Manager for the Irish wing of Provimi named NuTec. Eva graduated from UCD with a PhD in animal science in 2003 and with a 1st class honours degree in animal science in 2000.

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