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Dr Isabelle Herter-Aeberli

Dr Isabelle Herter-Aeberli is a nutritional scientist and lecturer at ETH Zurich. She is a food scientist by training and completed her PhD on nutritional risk factors for the metabolic syndrome in overweight children at ETH Zurich in 2008. After a year postdoctoral project at the University Hospital Zurich on the effects of fructose on the human metabolism, Isabelle received a mobility stipend from the Swiss National Science Foundation allowing her to pursue another postdoctoral project in India.

At St. John’s Research Institute in Bangalore she studied the interactions between obesity and micronutrient deficiencies. She then returned to ETH Zurich in 2012 as a senior scientist and lecturer where she has continued her work on the double burden of obesity and micronutrient deficiencies, focusing on iron.

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