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Professor Louise Dye

Louise Dye is Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour and leads the Nutrition and Behaviour Group, in the Human Appetite Research Unit in the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. Louise is Academic Lead for the University of Leeds of the HEFCE catalyst funded N8 Agrifood Programme. Louise sits on BBSRC Strategy Board for Integrated Understanding of Health and BBSRC’s Diet and Health Research Industry club (DRINC) Steering Group. She is a Chartered Health Psychologist and British Psychological Society member and is Associate Editor of Nutritional Neuroscience and the European Journal of Nutrition. Her research interests include functional foods for wellbeing, stress management, mental health and cognitive performance/decline and in altered metabolic states e.g. obesity, type 2 diabetes and genetic disorders. She is interested in the modification of glycaemic response by diet and the impact of nutrients on stress and wellbeing. She also has particular expertise in the development and selection of measures of cognitive function with the sensitivity and specificity to detect effects of nutritional interventions on cognitive outcomes. Louise has published influential systematic reviews of the effects of breakfast on cognitive and academic performance and the effects of polyphenols on cognition. She is Chair Elect of the Scientific Advisory Board of ILSI Europe and has served on five of their expert groups including Natural (plant based) Ingredients and Cognitive Function.

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