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Dr Shelly Coe

Shelly Coe is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Nutrition and Health at Oxford Brookes University, and has a successful track record in academic research. She has over 30 publications to date, many as first author and of high impact, and has been successful in obtaining grant funding both internally and externally (Multiple Sclerosis Society, Action Medical Research UK, Alzheimer’s Research UK). Shelly’s research expertise is predominantly focused on improving the health and quality of life, including life chances of young people and adults deemed vulnerable.

The focus of Shelly’s research has more recently involved the assessment of prisoner diets and menu provision in an effort to improve the quality of food consumed, to enable better overall health and to reduce behaviour related issues in a range of prisons throughout the UK. This is in collaboration with Think Through Nutrition and The Ministry of Justice and His Majesty's Prisons and Probation Service. She has acted as lead on a grant application to the NIHR on the topic of Vitamin D supplementation for prisoners in the UK (unsuccessful), and also was a Co-Investigator on an internal PhD application (successful) on the same topic. She is currently applying for further funding into the area of nutrition, health and the prison population.

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